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signum / Baby Akoya Pearl Single Earring



[Detail] K18 Yellow Gold Akoya baby pearlφ3.8mm H22.6mm×W12.9mm 軌道を描く 弧の先にパールが跳ねる [signum/シグナム] 鉛筆で線を描くように自由な動きを持つコレクション。 潔く描かれた線は見る角度によって表情を変えます。手の動くまま作られたデザインは形も様々。 まるで宙に浮いたようなパールもアクセント。シングルピアスですのでお好きなピアスと組み合わせても楽しいコレクションです。 -- [signum] features a series of jewelry that explores the flow of lines created by pencil sketches in multiple dimensions. Each jewelry piece is created with various strokes of the drawing hand, occasionally accented with pearls, and the fine lines take on different forms depending on the perspectives of the viewer. As every piece is one of a kind, the excitement lies in mixing and matching your very own asymmetrical pair.